How to fill out Question 3 on your NVD

How to fill out Question 3 on your NVD

How to answer Question 3 on the NVD if there is a mixed consignment?

Question 3 on the LPA NVD for sheep and cattle refers to whether the owner has bred/owned the stock since their birth and is commonly filled in incorrectly.

If there is a mixed consignment of vendor bred and purchased livestock, Question 3 must be ticked NO and select the time range that the purchased stock have been on the property identification code (PIC). Alternatively, if it possible to identify and/or separate the consignment two NVDs can be used – one for each group. In some cases there may be a marketing advantage in doing this. In this circumstance, the receiver needs to be aware that the consignment contains two separate groups as each group may have a different food safety risk.

If any stock in a consignment have been purchased, then the timeline refers to the most recent purchase and this then applies to the whole consignment, unless two separate LPA NVDs are used.

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